Bedsores are called by many terms such as pressure ulcers, skin lesions, and pressure sores.

Nursing home careThese sores are very painful and lead to serious health problems or death. It is the result of prolonged pressure that is applied to the skin. Typically, in-house residents at nursing homes experience these the most. The residents of nursing homes should receive proper care, they must be moved regularly from their place, especially those who have been confined to their beds. This should be applied in nursing homes to prevent the risk of developing these bed sores.

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Bedsore Litigation

Treatments for bedsores can be used, however, the damage is already done. That is why there are many cases filed against nursing homes and hospitals regarding bed sores. These bedsores are easier to prevent than they are to be treated.

There are many regulations and guidelines that the nursing homes should follow or be doing to not only treat bed sores but to prevent them as well.

Negligence is usually the reason for bedsores. With proper prevention methods, these sores can be avoided completely.

The best bedsores attorney in houston has helped individuals and their families who were hurt or worse, died when the healthcare provider neglected their bedsores. Negligence in the care of patients at nursing homes is the primary reason for these injuries.

There are different stages of bed sores.The seriousness of the bed sore will depend on these steps.

If proper care is provided in hospitals and retirement homes, these sores can be avoided or deterred. Some cases make bed sores inevitable. Particularly the patients that are elderly and disabled. If they spend most of their time in a certain position, seating or laying on the bed, they will experience these sores even with care.

Category 1 Bedsores

These Injuries Are Classified in 4 Stages

Stage 1 bedsore:

The initial stage of bedsore. There is just a normally reddened area which is formed in some parts of the body where the bones are closest to the skin. These places in the body are referred as the “bony prominence.” Mostly on the lower back and buttocks.

Stage 2 bedsore:

It is similar to blisters it will lead to scrapped appearance of your skin. It does actual damage to the skin, but not deeper than the upper layers of the skin.

Stage 3 bedsore:

A little bit more severe. You will see a hole in the flesh. It goes deeper that some of the fats, tissue, and muscles are affected.

Stage 4:

The most severe among the stages. The fat, tissue, and muscle have been deteriorated, so severe that you can see the bones already.

Category 4 Bedsore Injury


Bedsore attorneys can help you if your loved one is a victim of medical negligence. If you represent a loved one who has been afflicted, they may be entitled to a lawsuit.

It is an injury lawyers duty to prevent future injuries to other patients once negligence is reported. They will help you and future patients from being affected by medical negligence in nursing homes.

A settlement can help you with mental, physical and emotional damages caused by improper healthcare. Contact an attorney today for assistance.