Why You Need to Reconsider Undergoing Waist Training

Waist training corsets have been a trend nowadays, especially now that many Hollywood celebrities have been influencing a lot of women to own and wear them because of the supposedly good things these corsets can give to women. The idea of having a slimmer, shapelier looking waist without having to undergo diet and exercise is seemingly attracting. According to E-Diet Dietitian Albert Park, it helps boost a woman’s self-esteem seeing her waist toned with these waist trainers. But what are the negative effects of these seemingly beautiful corsets?

Adverse Effects of Corsetting

1. Skin Irritations

Just as how wearing a tight-fitting belt all day long will chafe and irritate our skin, corsets will also make our skin uncomfortable. After your first use of an impossibly tight corset, you may see some rashes along your waist. “But that’s no big deal,” I can almost hear you say. But use the corset three more times and your skin will start developing blisters and may even bleed.

2. Acid Reflux

Corsets also press your stomach upwards, and this increases the chance of indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. Keep this up, and the frequent acid reflux will cause permanent damage to the walls of your esophagus. Repeated damage to the esophageal wall will result in esophageal ulcers and even cancer.

3. Breathing Difficulties

The corset also presses your internal organs just to fit you in, pressuring your stomach and blocking your diaphragm in the process. A blocked diaphragm means less oxygen circulating in your body. Lesser oxygen in the body means more work for your heart which is very dreadful if this continuously happens. This causes short breathing, lightheadedness, and even fainting.

4. Bone Bruises

Different from the traditional corsets, today’s modern corsets do not have the same capacity to affect the shape of the bones. So instead of reshaping your waist bone structure, it will just bruise your bones. If you haven’t had bone bruises before, just trust me on this one: they’re a lot more painful and stay far longer than regular bruises. Younger users are more at risk for bone deformation since their bones have yet to develop fully.

5. Tingling and Numbness

As if restricting your breathing and blood flow is not enough, your nerves will also be affected, causing you to feel numbness in your legs.

6. Psychological Stress

Although waist trainers can transform your waist while you are wearing it, unhappiness with your figure will return when you take them off. It is deceiving you of having a better body figure only to see that it is not real. This may also cause you to be dependent on these waist training corsets, thinking that you won’t need to self-discipline and sacrifice to get what you want. You will more likely feel unfulfilled and disappointed when you find that not much has changed after some time of wearing it.

Just because it is the trend, doesn’t mean it is good. While it is sometimes okay to go with the trend, get to know first the risk they may cause you, to help you avoid bigger problems and end up with regret. After all, there are no shortcuts to attaining success, and that includes the success of having a fit body.

What are your experiences using a waist trainer? Did you achieve the results you wanted? Let us know!