Are you looking for student housing accommodations?

Student housing accommodationsAs a university student transferring to a new place to focus on studying your chosen career path, student accommodation plays a big part in your whole student life. Why? Because for about four to five years, it will most likely be your “home” away from home. Your room is where you spend most of your time studying, researching, investigating, thinking, and relaxing.

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But before getting a residence, get to know first of the different types of rooms that different accommodations provide.

Types of Student Housing Accommodations

1. Apartment Shares

These are the type of student housing accommodations where students share a single apartment with different individual rooms. An apartment share is usually occupied by tenants with the same gender, and the tenants are responsible for cleaning the common areas as well as their individual rooms. Only single students are allowed in apartment shares. Friends, family members, and spouse or partner are strictly not allowed in sharing the room with the student tenant in the apartment.

2. Dormitory-Style Room

Dormitory types are rooms which can be occupied by a single person or shared with another resident. Usually, dormitory-style rooms are billed every semester. Most floor and suites of dormitory style accommodations are usually co-ed, meaning men and women can be in a single dormitory, but rooms are shared with the same gender. The students in this type of accommodation share a common living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other common areas.

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3. Studio/Efficiency Unit

These unit are rooms with a private bathroom and a kitchen area in it. Single students are accommodated, but couples are given higher priority in these types of rooms. If couples decide to occupy this type of unit, they are usually required to provide proper documentations regarding their living in together.

4. One Bedroom Unit

These are apartment units with only one bedroom. Couples or students with children with them are the ones that are prioritized in one bedroom apartment units. When a student or a couple with a family decides to get a unit, they are asked to provide documentations about their family status to get approved on occupying the one bedroom apartment. Amenities in this type of accommodation include a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom.

5. Two-Bedroom/ Family Unit

These units are larger and are prioritized for students with a family and two or more dependent children. They provide amenities that are the same with one bedroom units, except that family units have more than one bedrooms. A proper documentation of the family status is a requirement to occupy this type of space.


By getting to know these different student housing accommodations, you should know by now which one fits for your civil status and your personal needs. Look for a housing which can be convenient for you in your whole university life.